Virtual World and the Real World
Virtual World and the Real World
15 Nov 2022
by Dr. Ashish Deshpande

To say that my connection with the virtual world is limited would be an overstatement. But it does not mean that I am against the technology. The use of information technology in our day to day lives has been increasing a lot since the last four decades. We are exposed to computers, television and smart phones for hours and hours.

To think that the technology that provides access to fun, information, communication and friendship so easily is going to destroy the world, would be a childish notion. But I do agree with excess of anything being bad. I am also not one of those who whine about the effects of increasing screen exposure on homework.

The opportunity that the internet provides has the power of disrupting the monopoly of sciences – businesses – markets and skills. It can increase its scope from teleconferencing and medicine counselling to robotic surgery and Virtual Reality Based Cognitive Therapy (VRCT) or Virtual Reality Based Exposure Therapy (VRET). This technology possesses the potential to radically transform the education and health sector.

The claim that use of the internet leads to development of behaviour in some unfortunate individuals has now gained support.

These questions are yet to be answered.

But the strong evidence of Internet Disorder has put to rest the uncertainty of exclusive effects of experiences on the brain. Hence keeping the balance between productive use of virtual world and optimum awareness about the real world is crucial. If this balance is lost, then the virtual world has more thorns than roses to offer. It seems difficult to survive without this technology, but it should be okay as long as there is a sense of responsibility.

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