4 Ways Clinical Hypnotherapy Can Reduce Trauma
4 Ways Clinical Hypnotherapy Can Reduce Trauma
04 Apr 2023

Some people have difficulty focusing on treatment if they have severe anxiety, depression, or other severe symptoms. Clinical hypnotherapy reduces stress and makes it easier for clients to focus on treatment. According to Palliative Care: Research and Treatment, “Hypnosis could be seen as a meditative state, which one can learn to access consciously and deliberately, for a therapeutic purpose.”

Samarpan Health provides the best therapy treatments in Mumbai. We use various evidence-based methods, including clinical hypnotherapy, to help clients manage mental health disorders.

What Is Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Clinical hypnotherapy is used to help clients achieve a relaxed and meditative altered state of consciousness. However, the exact nature of how hypnotherapy works are not yet known. According to The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, “Evidence supports the efficacy of hypnotic treatments, but there remain many unresolved questions regarding how hypnosis produces its beneficial effects.”

Researchers are still working to determine how clinical hypnotherapy produces the positive effects reported by individuals with mental health issues.

Hypnotherapy used in a clinical setting often involves the following:

  • Guided meditation, verbal repetition, or mental imagery
  • Various relaxation techniques
  • Processing past events
  • Learning essential coping skills to reduce fear, stress, and anxiety

Each therapist has a slightly different approach to hypnotherapy as a form of treatment. However, every session focuses on maintaining emotional stability while processing issues or learning to manage symptoms. Samarpan Health ensures that all clients who utilise hypnotherapy in a clinical setting have a clear understanding of how the therapy works and what they can expect.

4 Ways Clinical Hypnotherapy Helps Clients Heal

Hypnotherapy in a clinical setting reduces many symptoms and side effects of common mental health disorders. Below are four ways hypnotherapy can increase the effectiveness of treatment and long-term recovery.

#1. Setting Healthier Routines

Establishing and maintaining healthy routines is often an essential part of long-term recovery. Hypnotherapy increases a client's motivation and willingness to maintain healthy habits. In most cases, the effects are short-lived. However, repeated sessions can have a cumulative effect on more susceptible individuals.

During hypnotherapy sessions, clients often do the following:

  • Discuss problem areas that might impact recovery
  • Establish preventative strategies
  • Acknowledge and process emotions related to recovery
  • Use guided meditation to improve mindfulness

Each person has a slightly different reaction to the hypnotherapy process. Some clients may find themselves more easily following healthy routines, while others may need to use simultaneous therapy techniques to get the same effects.

#2. Clinical Hypnotherapy Decreases Symptoms of Mental Health Disorders

Mental health disorders have a wide range of side effects that exist along a spectrum. Hypnotherapy in a clinical setting reduces some side effects, including:

  • Anxiety or panic
  • Depressive episodes
  • Specific phobias
  • Obsessive or compulsive behaviours
  • Behavioural issues

Decreasing the severity of mental health symptoms reduces the risk of relapse, improves the treatment experience, and allows clients to focus more fully on recovery. Most clients report positive results when they participate in hypnotherapy.

#3. Reduced Overall Anxiety and Stress

Chronic stress and anxiety have a profound effect on a person's mental and physical health. In many cases, stress and anxiety go hand-in-hand with depression.

According to the Press Information Bureau (PIB) of India,Nearly 50% of persons with major depressive disorders reported difficulties in carrying out their daily activities.” Clinical hypnotherapy and other therapeutic tools can help clients increase their ability to function. In addition to reducing the symptoms of mental health disorders, hypnotherapy also helps clients overcome challenges by reducing overall anxiety or stress.

#4. Increased Client Confidence

Self-confidence provides motivation and internal support for individuals struggling with mental health issues. Clients are more likely to try new things and trust their care team if they feel confident in their abilities to manage and cope with their condition. Hypnotherapy has a cumulative effect on some people. Over time, self-confidence may increase significantly.

The benefits of increased self-confidence include the following:

  • Less ambivalence toward treatment
  • A greater sense of self-worth and increased self-esteem
  • Willingness to try new treatments
  • Healthier family interactions and stronger personal boundaries

Clients use the confidence they gain during hypnotherapy sessions to improve their ability to cope with various challenges. Samarpan Health provides treatment programs offering family support that can increase the effectiveness of holistic techniques like hypnotherapy.

Clinical Hypnotherapy During Continuing Care

Continuing care can last for months or years, and many clients benefit from regular therapy or other forms of treatment. Clinical hypnotherapy is a holistic alternative to more traditional mental health treatments. Weekly, biweekly, or monthly sessions can have a cumulative effect, decreasing stress and anxiety during long-term recovery.

Samarpan Health uses evidence-based methods and alternative forms of treatment to help clients find healthy ways forward. The clinical team collaborates with clients to determine if they would benefit from hypnotherapy sessions. For many people, clinical hypnotherapy provides emotional and physical relief.

Clinical hypnotherapy has been used for decades to treat various behavioural and mental health issues, including anxiety, and depression. Clinicians can use hypnotherapy to help clients develop healthier routines and transition smoothly between levels of care. Hypnotherapy is a legitimate treatment method, and research has shown it can effectively help clients overcome challenges in recovery and manage mental health symptoms. Samarpan Health, one of the top treatment centres in India, uses a wide range of treatment options, including holistic alternative therapies like hypnotherapy, to help clients gain confidence and heal. In addition to reducing side effects, clinical hypnotherapy also improves the effectiveness of other treatments. To learn more, call us today at +91 81809 19090.

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