Regaining Peace: Types of Wellness Centre in India
Regaining Peace: Types of Wellness Centre in India
01 Aug 2023

Peace is something that most people are looking for. In our turbulent lives, it can be difficult to find peaceful moments, let alone a life that can be considered peaceful overall. Financial responsibilities, interpersonal relationships, and work life are just three of the issues that can rob us of our peace.

And while external threats to our peace can zap our tranquility, it is perhaps the internal issues that are more injurious. When our minds are not working with us to promote our serenity, there is no way that we can be at ease.

To help you regain your peace, Samarpan Health has written this blog that explains the three types of a wellness centre in India. Read on to find out which is the most suitable for you.

“Spa” Type Wellness Centres

It is common to see this type of wellness centre in India. Places like these are designed to help you unwind from your stressful lifestyle in a relaxing environment that can alleviate the tension that you have in your body and mind. Usually, the clients at these spas go for a couple of days to a week.

If you go somewhere like this, you will spend your days taking it easy, getting massages, unwinding by the pool, and eating good food. There may also be limited ayurvedic treatments such as Shirodhara, where warm oil is poured onto your forehead in hour-long sessions.

If you feel you are overworked, these places may offer you a welcome respite from the concerns of the world.

Ayurvedic Wellness Centres

Traditionally, this type of wellness centre in India was found primarily in Kerala, though Ayurvedic centres are now found all over the country. These centres use techniques that are thousands of years old to restore their clients back to wellness. While some people go to ayurvedic centres for short stays of a couple of days, many opt instead to head for a few weeks at a time.

While the spas we mentioned above are focused more on relaxation, the goals of Ayurvedic centres are to restore their client's health back to optimal levels. The most common strategy that these centres have for doing this is a system called “panchakarma”. This process is usually 21 days and involves five therapeutic purgative techniques. The client is also given a range of different herbal medications to allow rejuvenation of the body and mind.

The end result of going through a panchakarma tends to be more long-lasting than simply attending a spa getaway, and there are real benefits to be had from these centres if you have problems with your health.

Mental Health and Wellness Centre

These centres are markedly different from the first two. While spas treat stress temporarily, and ayurvedic centres treat health, this type of wellness centre in India helps clients get to the root causes of dis-ease of the mind.

These centres help clients achieve this using modern evidence-based therapies. Typically, clients are given cognitive behavioral therapy or dialectical behavioral therapy. These two can both treat a wide range of mental health problems that act as an impediment to peace.

Depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, and trauma are all treated at these places, which are all causes of massive unrest. Without getting to the root of these illnesses, it is often impossible for people suffering from them to experience peace.

While historically mental health centres have been uncomfortable and unwelcoming places, many modern facilities offer luxurious environments where people recovering from these ailments are able to relax in comfort, eating good food in an environment that is conducive to the healing process.

Which Type of Wellness Centre Should I Choose?

Our advice is to choose a wellness centre that aligns with your goals. If you are looking for somewhere you can reduce your stress and take some time off for a short time, going for a spa break is your best option.

If you have ongoing health problems that need to be fixed, check out an Ayurvedic centre. If you have mental health difficulties that have lasted for a while and don’t look like they will improve by themselves, you should think about a stay at a mental health and wellness centre.

How Much Do Wellness Centres Cost?

This varies greatly depending on your needs. Spa breaks can cost as little as 10,000 rupees ($120) for a weekend, though some of the more expensive places are upwards of 50,000 ($600) a night.

Some ayurvedic centres are as inexpensive as 2,000 ($24) rupees a night, ranging to prices that are similar to those of luxury spa weekends. Be aware that if you require Ayurvedic treatment, you do not necessarily need to attend a centre, and that it is possible to get treatment at home.

Getting mental health treatment also varies greatly when it comes to rates. At one end of the spectrum are the government institutions which are often free, but are not recommended. These places are unlikely to follow evidence-based treatment protocols, and are uncomfortable and generally unpleasant places to be.

You may be able to get mental health treatment at centres for a few thousand rupees a night, but these centres are unlikely to be much better than government facilities. The best centres charge significantly more and maybe 30,000 ($360) or more a night.

While this rate may seem high, it really is a case of “you get what you pay for” when it comes to mental health treatment. Good quality professional help, premium facilities, and a comfortable environment are not inexpensive, but the end result is that your or your loved ones mental health problems are treated caringly and expertly.

Samarpan Health - Mental Health and Wellness Centre in India

If you’re looking to refine your peace, there are plenty of options available to you, whether you’re looking for temporary respite, healing from your health problems, or long-term solutions to mental troubles that you are facing.

If you are interested in the last of these, we believe that Samarpan Health is likely to be your best choice. We offer our clients the ability to recover from their mental problems in environments that promote serenity.

And our supportive and dedicated team of professional staff is on hand to guide you through every step of the process. You are in safe hands at Samarpan Health.

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