Demystifying the Concept of Treatment
Demystifying the Concept of Treatment
23 Dec 2022

Treatment programs provide essential support for individuals struggling with mental health issues. According to the Journal of Education and Health Promotion, "More than 20 million people are suffering from various forms of mental disorders in India, with over 9 million suffering from severe mental disorders." Early intervention and treatment can minimize the side effects of mental health disorders. Facilities like Samarpan provide compassionate and ethical treatment that addresses each client's unique needs.

Why Attend a Treatment Program?

Many people experiencing mental health issues lack the coping skills to manage daily stressors. Tailored treatment plans ensure that clients learn life skills and coping techniques to help them achieve and maintain emotional stability during their recovery. In addition, the close collaboration between the clinical team, client, and family members reduces symptoms of stress and anxiety.

The continuum of care at Samarpan allows clients to choose from a range of programs that offer the services they need to heal and recover. Mental health programs can include the following:

  • Crisis management
  • Peer support
  • Collaborative care
  • Case management
  • Development of essential life skills
  • Prescription medication to manage symptoms when appropriate
  • Medication management
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Alternative holistic therapies

Samarpan offers many evidence-based treatment options. During the admissions process, clients collaborate with their clinical team to determine the best approach to care. Mental health facilities help clients feel comfortable and engaged while providing close supervision and progress monitoring. The clinical team can quickly adjust a client's treatment plan to ensure they receive the support they need to actively participate in their recovery.

Health Benefits of Attending Treatment

Attending a treatment program can positively affect a person's physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Personalized care takes into account all factors that contribute to a person's mental health and uses evidence-based methods to provide the best treatment. Every case is unique, and some people might have co-occurring disorders that affect their care plan. Samarpan tailors every program to the needs of the individual.

The most commonly reported health benefits of treatment include:

  • Decreased stress levels and a better ability to cope with stress
  • Reduced feelings of isolation or loneliness
  • Improved coping skills that reduce the severity of symptoms
  • Increased positivity and enhanced quality of life
  • Reduced symptoms for individuals with chronic pain, illness, or disability
  • More restful sleep

Treatment programs do more than provide therapy and medication. Other essential services include nutritional coaching and holistic treatments that address emotional and physical health. Many evidence-based methods at our facility improve overall health by helping clients establish self-care routines.

4 Common Misconceptions and the Truth About Recovery

Misconceptions about treatment can affect whether an individual or family reaches out for the help they need. Samarpan is dedicated to educating communities about the benefits of personalized treatment. Below are four common misconceptions affecting people's perception of mental health disorders and recovery.

#1. Misconception: 'Treatment Can't Help Me or My Loved One'

Some people never participate in treatment because they don't believe programs can help them heal and build a healthy future. However, the truth is that early intervention and treatment can significantly improve a person's quality of life and help them manage their condition in a healthy way.

#2. Misconception: ‘Only Certain Types of People Have Mental Health Issues and Need Treatment

Stigmas surrounding mental health and treatment can leave many people afraid to seek help. In some cases, they don't feel like they match the "type" of person that requires treatment. However, anyone can experience mental health issues, and professional treatment programs offer the best outcomes.

#3. Misconception: ‘Medication-Assisted Treatment’

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is the use of medications, in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies, to provide a 'whole-patient' approach to the treatment of mental health disorders.

#4. Misconception: ‘Mental Health Issues Are a Sign of Low Intelligence or a Morale Failing’

Many factors contribute to the development of mental health disorders, including genetics, age, and environmental factors. Anyone can struggle with mental health issues regardless of socioeconomic status, and it doesn't reflect on their character or intelligence. Samarpan is working with communities to reduce harmful myths. Mental health issues aren't a moral failing; individuals shouldn't feel ashamed of needing help.

What to Expect From Samarpan

Samarpan offers a wide range of personalized treatment programs that utilize evidence-based and complementary methods to meet the needs of each client. Our team consists of mental health recovery experts with decades of experience. Individuals attending our programs can expect the following:

  • Ethical and compassionate treatment
  • A supportive peer community
  • Multiple levels of care
  • A collaborative approach to care
  • Evidence-based methods

Samarpan uses comprehensive assessments to determine the most effective and relevant treatments for each client. We also use trauma-informed care to ensure clients feel comfortable, safe and respected during treatment. Every team member strives to embody our values of honesty, integrity, transparency, and compassion.

Mental health disorders affect millions of people every day. However, stigmas, misinformation, and misconceptions cause many people to avoid getting the help they need to recover and lead a healthy, fulfilled life. Samarpan prioritizes educating individuals, families, and communities about the realities of mental health recovery. Combating misinformation with facts can save lives by demystifying the recovery process. We believe everyone should have access to tailored care that meets their unique needs. The passionate team at Samarpan provides evidence-based treatments and therapy that encourage holistic healing and long-term recovery. To learn more about our continuum of care and services, call our office today at +91 81809 19090.

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